The Top 5 “Aha” Moments from Vector’s DEI Webinar

The Top 5 “Aha” Moments from Vector’s DEI Webinar

This week, Vector Solutions Casinos had an eye-opening webinar, which uncovered several “aha” moments to better understand diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, the webinar addressed why it’s important to have awareness about implicit bias and microaggressions as well as the differences between diversity versus inclusion and equality versus equity. Dr. Tammy Hodo of All Things Diverse was our guest speaker, and presented these complex topics in very digestible language, easy for anyone to comprehend. 

You can catch this engaging discussion by registering for the on-demand recording, just click on the link here.

Top 5 “Aha” Moments from Vector’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar

When people have a sense of belonging at work, the chances of boosting productivity increase. In Vector’s recent webinar with Dr. Hodo, a content contributor for several of Vector’s DEI courses, she underscores the importance of DEI culture and how it can improve a business’s bottom line. Below are the five "aha" moments from the webinar:

  1. Acknowledgment is Key: With the recent racial tensions and other discriminatory injustices being spotlighted within the past couple of years, more companies are beginning to acknowledge that diversity, equity, and inclusion matter. It’s a big first step to creating positive change.
  2. Productivity Rates are Higher: Studies have shown that not only do diverse teams make fewer errors, they are also smarter, more innovative, and better at solving problems. Further, companies with more ethnic and racial diversity among managers enjoyed better financial returns.
  3. Fewer Meetings, More Decision-Making: Better decisions are made in a more timely manner, which can be credited to the sharing of best practices and unique perspectives among diverse groups from geographical or sexual orientation to race or religion.
  4. We All Have Biases: “The reality is that we all have biases, every last one of us… Our minds are primitive, in the sense that in hunting and gathering societies, we had to make really quick decisions, and that’s where our biases come from. We want to place people, places, and things into categories. We’re exposed to thousands of stimuli each day, and it’s overwhelming. We can’t process it all, so our brains have created that shortcut, and that’s where the bias comes in.” ~ Dr. Hodo
  5. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Many companies believe that simply instituting a one-and-done training program for their employees is enough, but the fact is, diversity-equity-and-inclusion work is ever-evolving. It’s important to continue to learn and maintain an awareness of DEI practices over time, which is why Vector has included a multi-year, integrated, and holistic solution to DEI learning and compliance as an option for customers.

For more on Vector’s DEI content or other content from our 150-course catalog, click here, and to get the on-demand DEI webinar with Dr. Hodo, click here.

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