These Engineers Are Everyday Amazing: RedVector Crowns Winners During National Engineer Week


During National Engineers Week, we paused to celebrate just how much engineers do to improve and shape our lives each day.

We were delighted by those who told us about the projects they took pride in – from designing transit lines and substations to Air Force aircraft and wind-resistant homes. Many also told us about decontamination and sustainability efforts, the kind of work that directly impacts our health and well-being.

Check out some of our amazing engineers and their hard-fought accomplishments (and ongoing efforts) in the areas of design, project management and more. Our four winning entrants will be going home with some new gadgets to help them on the job!


Stacy Sprayberry, Southern Company
Engineering Manager

“Relining the subsurface drainage in a live 500 kv substation. The substation provided power to metro Atlanta so keeping the power on was critical. The ‘No-dig” lining solution allowed us to repair without any electric power disruption.”


Barry Parfitt, Wright-Pierce
Lead Project Engineer

“Evaluating and designing sustainable upgrades to various wastewater pump stations in the Town of Hebron, CT. It’s been a great experience to work on evaluating the Town’s needs and translating that into designing sustainable upgrades for the town’s infrastructure.”


Laura Gimpelson, BellSouth

“Pilot test using in-situ oxidation to destroy gasoline leak that traveled underground underneath major divided highway. Excavation was not an option. The test reduced the horizontal plume by 50% and brought the concentrations of the plume to below risk based cleanup standards. Future cleanup was confined to the property that contained the leaking underground storage tank.”


Gifton Passley, Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission
Assistant Director of Construction Services

“Central Artery/Tunnel Project (Big Dig); recognized as the most complex and technologically challenging Highway Project in the USA. Replaced Boston’s deteriorating six lane elevated central artery (I-93)”


Honorable Mention:

Stephen Ives, Mulhurn & Kulp
Associate Owner

“Single family drive-underproduction homes in the Charleston SC area. Supported by CMU piers/walls & designed to resist high wind, seismic D2 & AE or VE flood zones depending on location on the site.”


Jonas Holliss, WSP (Parsons-Brinckerhoff)
Lead Environmental Engineer

“Remediation of groundwater and soil impacted by contamination produced from the testing of the Saturn rockets.”


Brian Query, STV, Inc
Project Manager

“The extension of the Green Line in Boston. We are performing concurrent designs of the viaduct that attaches to the existing viaduct built in 1910.”


William Pederson, POWER Engineers
Engineer II

“Designed a 66/11kV substation in the Northern Territory of Australia. Working with local government and utilities to bring some needed infrastructure to a remote part of the country.”


Nathan Cundiff , POWER Engineers
Electrical Engineer

“Designed, tested, commissioned multiple wind farm var controllers that incorporate PI control schemes to control static and variable reactive assets.”


Bill Ramsay, BTAS, Inc
Flight Operations SME

“Air Force acquisition and operation of additional aircraft to the BACN E-11A fleet.”


Gregory Obenchain, CMS Engergy
Principal Engineer

“Project engineer responsible for developing the RFP, overseeing the consulting engineering firm and validating the material for the Independent Hill to Coles 34.5 kV to 115 kV transmission line rebuild. The project faced numerous challenges but in the end the project was finished on-time and under budget. The existing 34.5 kV transmission and single circuit distribution line were replace with 115 kV, triple circuit distribution and capable of supporting a 244 fiber line and (3) pole extensions that would support (3) cellular antenna arrays.”


Mac Carmichael, CRH Canada Group Inc.
Environmental Manager

“Evergreen Brick Works – project manager for construction materials in-kind and monetary donations at an important Toronto industrial revitalization site.”

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