Three Tips for Predicting eLearning Effectiveness & ROI


According to eLearning Industry, 41 percent of Fortune 500 companies now train their employees with eLearning. What is causing this upward trend? ROI may have something to do with it. The source noted that companies that use eLearning tools to complete training can earn about $26 more per employee than companies that don’t.

Here are three tips for predicting eLearning ROI and effectiveness for your own program:

1. Assess Efficiency
You want your employees to learn necessary work skills, but you also need them working. If they spend too much time training, they won’t complete their work, and that’s inefficient. Does your current onboarding system require too big a chunk of your employees’ days? Make sure your training packs necessary information into short segments, allowing employees to break their training into sections and work in between.

2. Determine Effectiveness
The whole point of training is to help employees gain the skills they need to work at their very highest level, while satisfying mandatory requirements for things like licensure, etc. The tools you use should produce competent employees, and eLearning courseware that does this has a high ROI rate. In fact, engaging training content helps individuals learn best, according to a study published in the journal Neuron indicating that curiosity improves learning outcomes.

3. Gauge Flexibility
Does your flexible eLearning program give employees the option to view and complete training at their own pace, between other work priorities? Make sure they can work on training requirements at a convenient time that doesn’t interrupt work.

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