The Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions During the Purchasing Process

Check out this slideshow to learn answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear from training officers, captains and chiefs tasked with learning more about TargetSolutions.

If you are considering purchasing TargetSolutions’ online training management system for your fire department, you undoubtedly have questions. Fortunately, TargetSolutions has the answers you need to make the right decision for your agency.

Here are five of the most commonly asked questions we hear during the purchasing process. If there is something not covered here that you would like to know, please give us a call today at (800) 840-8046.

How Will TargetSolutions Fit into My Department’s Budget?

Course packages can be adjusted to fit your agency’s needs. Factors such as your department’s size and level of training your agency requires can impact pricing. While some organizations may only need safety training or firefighter training courses, some may require personnel to track EMS continuing education. TargetSolutions understands budgetary cycles and will work with your agency’s decision makers to plan a cost-effective and efficient implementation. If there is one thing TargetSolutions consistently hears from customers, it is the fact the platform easily pays for itself in overall cost savings. Check out this ROI calculator to see how much your agency can save with TargetSolutions.

Are TargetSolutions’ Fire and EMS Continuing Education Courses Accredited?

TargetSolutions is dedicated to regularly updating its online training content to stay ahead of each state’s mandated requirements. TargetSolutions offers the industry’s largest online training library for EMS continuing education. The platform features more than 160 hours of CEUs and is be accepted in all 50 states. Additionally, TargetSolutions is organizationally accredited by CAPCE, the leading regulatory agency on EMS continuing education. TargetSolutions also offers a robust catalog of NFPA firefighter training, including NFPA 1001, 1021, 1410 and 1500 series. These courses are written to the NFPA’s codes and standards.

Is It Possible to Share Information with Neighboring Agencies?

When multiple departments are out on a call, firefighters need to work together effectively. In addition to having your own department’s TargetSolutions training, information and resources can be shared through TargetSolutions’ Enterprise solution. Agencies can easily track hands-on training sessions, schedule events, and assign activities to all personnel. This system allows departments to train firefighters cohesively. Check out this video from the North Zone Training Group in San Diego’s North County to learn how Enterprise is working for the mutual aid partners.

Do Users Need to Upgrade Their Systems to Use TargetSolutions?

TargetSolutions is a cloud-based service and it is not required for users to install additional software to run the system. However, certain system requirements will ensure learners can successfully access their courses. TargetSolutions is compatible with most modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. It is recommended that individuals use Mozilla Firefox v27+, have audio capabilities, and a 1.5 Mbps bandwidth. To log in and validate your email in the system, you’ll also want to make sure you can receive emails from [email protected].

Are TargetSolutions’ Firefighter Training Courses Customizable?

While TargetSolutions is compatible with other systems, its customizable Activities Builder provides organizations the ability to deliver their training content. Departments can use the Activities Builder to create task books for different training purposes. Activities feature electronic tracking forms for live training or can be used for checklists to track vehicle inspections efficiently. Agencies can also attach custom policies to TargetSolutions’ pre-built online training courses or deliver SCORM course content.

If you have any questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via e-amil at [email protected] or call us at (800) 840-8046.

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