Top Firefighter Training Topics in 2019


When creating your fire training program, it's important to include topics that both maintain compliance and are relevant to your goals to help personnel master the most essential skills. This includes training on fundamentals. These are skills that are used extensively in the field. The following are the top firefighter training topics that will help personnel perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Firefighter Training Topics to Work on Today

Hydrant Procedures

One basic skill that's crucial for firefighter training is creating a water supply. The efficiency of making a hydrant connection is of the utmost importance. Learning and practicing this process is always a valuable training exercise.

Understanding Fire Flow Requirements

Pump operators must be able to perform fire flow calculations quickly in order to supply the right amount of water.

Proper Placement of Apparatus

Placing the apparatus in the most advantageous manner is another split-second calculation that firefighters must make.


Ventilation techniques are essential for keeping firefighters safer as well as rescuing occupants who may be trapped in a building.

Extrication Skills

Extrication requires the use of various tools as well as cribbing and stabilization techniques.

Learning Streets and Neighborhoods

Firefighters need to be able to navigate the streets in order to reach emergencies as quickly as possible.

Operating Power Saws

Rotary saws can play a crucial role in firefighting scenarios where it's necessary to gain access to a building.

Ground Ladder Placement

Training exercises can help firefighters improve their dexterity with ground ladders.

If you’re looking to improve or refresh skills in your firefighter training program, here are some of the top online training courses for firefighters in the TargetSolutions library. All these courses can be completed online, 24/7, so you can easily work them into a slow day.

Top Firefighter Courses from the TargetSolutions Library

NFPA 1500 Bloodborne Pathogens Safety

Workers in many industries, healthcare, in particular, are exposed to bloodborne illnesses. This course will review the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard and requirements in addition to diseases associated with BBP occupational exposures.

First Responder Operations Level Refresher Series

This series is a refresher for the Operations Level Responder to Hazardous Materials Incidents, meeting the requirements of NFPA 472 and 29 CFR 1910.120(q). The courses are divided into four modules, taking up about two hours each.

NFPA 1500 Hazard Communication

This course covers OSHA's hazard communication standards. It also provides guidelines to help prevent chemical hazard incidents and avoiding accompanying adverse health effects.

NFPA 1500 Respiratory Protection

This training provides basic information on the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective devices so they can be utilized safely and effectively. This training course consists of 9 learning modules and a 10-question exam.

NFPA 1500 Confined Space Entry

Firefighters must sometimes face the dangers of operating in confined spaces. This course covers the best protocols for confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces, illustrating how to safely work in and around these areas.

NFPA 1500 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Fire Industry

This course covers many issues related to PTSD; a widespread risk for firefighters who often face graphic or painful situations. Lessons improve individuals' understanding of PTSD, its symptoms and healthy coping mechanisms.

NFPA 1851 Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting

Firefighters face a number of cancer-related risks due to factors such as incorrect use of equipment as well as carcinogens that may be present in burning homes. This course provides a thorough understanding of fire-service-related cancer risks for today’s firefighters and fire personnel.

NFPA 3000: Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events

For fire, EMS, law enforcement and other public safety personnel across the United States, it’s an unfortunate reality that Criminal Mass Casualty Incidents (CMCI) are growing in severity and frequency. TargetSolutions’ NFPA 3000 training is based on the provisional National Fire Protection Association’s standard and provides real data and new lessons from prior incidents.

Identifying the best firefighter training topics can help you improve the performance of all your personnel. TargetSolutions provides a variety of fire department training in areas such as training & compliance, apparatus & equipment and scheduling & overtime to help your department make tangible improvements.

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