Top 5 Questions Asked About TargetSolutions Check It™


Are you looking for a more effective way to track your department’s resources? TargetSolutions Check It™ is your answer. This asset management solution was built for the needs of public safety agencies. Highly flexible tools allow your department to streamline inspections of apparatus, equipment, controlled substances and more.

To review the application’s powerful features and answer your top questions, system experts hosted a webinar on June 16, 2020. In this 1-hour presentation, TargetSolutions Check It™ developer, Kevin Znilek, and solutions engineer, Robbi King, share tips and tricks to maximize your experience with the system.

For more information about this webinar presentation, read this Q-and-A below or watch a recording of the webinar here.

How is the TargetSolutions Check It™ system accessed?

TargetSolutions Check It™ is a web-based system with a dedicated mobile app. This means personnel can complete inspections or send inventory updates from the field, using their smart device. If you’re an existing TargetSolutions client, you can access TargetSolutions Check It™ from the same online platform you use for training management.

What is the DEA looking for with controlled substances management? How can TargetSolutions Check It™ meet their requirements?

Title 21, Part 1300 by the DEA requires all DEA registrants have a secure, accurate means of managing and tracking controlled substances. This includes well defined policies, a detailed audit of who handled the narcotics and security measures for storage/disposal.

The Controlled Substances module in TargetSolutions Check It™ helps agencies achieve compliance to DEA requirements. You can track everything regarding controlled substances such as their location, inventory levels, when they are used for patient care and disposed of/wasted. Additionally, multiple user authentication options allow your department to verify the identities of each employee inspecting or using the controlled substances.

What security measures are there for the Controlled Substance module?

There are a number of security features in TargetSolutions Check It™. When action is taken with controlled substances, such as transferring vials from your master supply or doing a drug box count, the system requires personnel to verify their identity. User authorization tools include built-in facial recognition scanning, eSignatures and custom employee pin numbers.

Blind counts also protect the integrity of daily inspections. By hiding the lot numbers from personnel, you can reduce the risk of tampered data. In the case of a discrepancy, administrators are notified with email or text messages to address it right away.

Finally, escalation policies notify the department if a required inspection doesn’t take place by a certain deadline. This prevents things from falling through the cracks.

How does the barcode scanning feature work?

For added convenience, personnel can look up a piece of equipment in TargetSolutions Check It™ using the barcode scanner in the mobile app. Each barcode should be a unique identifier attached to the equipment. You can either use the manufacturer barcode for the asset or create and attach your own.

What reporting capabilities does TargetSolutions Check It™ have?

TargetSolutions Check It™ has many report dashboards with filters so you can access the data you need according to dates, locations, personnel and more. Popular report types include the equipment overview, expiring equipment, fleet spending and more.

Bonus: What is the Hydrants feature? How does it work?

Hydrants is a new equipment pool feature in the system that tracks routine hydrant checks. With this solution, fire departments can manage hydrants and use an interactive map to track their water flow capacity, location and more.

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