Manage and Track Performance Indicators to Improve Safety and Compliance

Manage and Track Performance Indicators to Improve Safety and Compliance

Measuring and tracking safety performance indicators is a key practice to help districts improve safety and compliance. Identifying the right safety metrics to track and implementing a system to help make this a systematic part of your district processes can have a big ROI, including the reduction of:

  • Lost days
  • Property and equipment damage
  • Insurance premiums
  • Loss payouts
  • OSHA fines
  • Indirect costs

Key Safety Performance Indicators

  • Lagging Indicators: Safety performance measurements by incident and injury rates, citations, workers’ compensation cost, etc. These indicators are based on events that have already occurred and are reactive.
  • Leading Indicators: Proactive and predictive measures that monitor and provide current information about the performance related to specific activities and processes. Enables schools to identify negative performance trends so mitigation actions can be implemented before an incident occurs. Some examples of leading indicators include training and data around training compliance and hazard identification and resolution.

The Case for Safety Incident Management Software in K-12 Schools

EHS and incident management software significantly streamlines the collection and analysis of safety data. And you cannot measure progress, improvement, and goals without data.

With Vector EHS, our safety and incident management system for K-12 schools, data from ALL safety activities — such as incidents, inspections, reported hazards, and more — can be recorded using standardized forms and stored in a single, centralized location. Software can automatically generate indicators, reports, and trending data to help you identify and reduce risk. Plus, an online system offers ease of use, time savings, efficiency and accuracy when compared to other methods of tracking and reporting using paper-based forms or spreadsheets

Implementing and online incident management system makes it possible to leverage your safety data to make real improvements in safety and compliance across your district.

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