Streamline Your Agency’s Management of Controlled Substances


Since the passing of the Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act (PPAEMA) in 2017, the DEA has outlined specific regulations for EMS agencies possessing substances with potential for abuse. Under DEA guidelines, EMS agencies require a reliable, secure method for tracking schedule II controlled substances.

Using the Controlled Substances module, an all-new add-on feature in the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, your agency can simplify the oversight of all schedule II controlled substances and ensure compliance to mandates by the DEA. Only accessible through TargetSolutions’ leading asset management system for apparatus, inventory and equipment inspections, Controlled Substances eliminates the need for paper documentation and offers powerful security tools.

Discover how your agency can utilize this new feature in TargetSolutions Check It™ for cradle-to-grave management of schedule II controlled substances.

Chain of Custody Tracking: The Audit Log

Use the Controlled Substances module to capture all movements of schedule II controlled substances in your agency. Built for maintaining DEA compliance, the audit log tracks controlled substances from the moment they are acquired by your agency to the moment they are administered or wasted.

The audit log automatically documents all activity surrounding controlled substances. From when they’re transferred from the master supply to when they’re counted after a drug box hand-off, every movement is accounted for in one, secure location.

Sorting functionalities also streamline your search for specific controlled substances. Filter the audit log by the date actions were taken, the type of action, the type of controlled substance, and personnel involved.

Biometric Authorization & Added Security

Customizable security measures allow your agency to track the activity of personnel and ensure accountability. Options such as eSignatures, employee pin numbers, or facial recognition technology are built into the TargetSolutions Check It™ application.

Unlike other biometric authorization tools, the facial recognition solution requires no additional hardware. Personnel can confirm their identity during drug counts or other activities using the camera on their own mobile device.

For enhanced security, two-step authorization, and required witness verification fields confirm the quantity, location and other details regarding controlled substances. Utilizing this feature reinforces security measures and prevents things from “falling through the cracks.”

Ensure Accurate & Timely Inspections

In addition to the comprehensive checklist and inspection tools in TargetSolutions Check It™, Controlled Substances offers specialized functionalities for maintaining compliance and reducing risk.

Personnel can use the mobile app in the field to record the usage of controlled substances closer to when it takes place. Personnel can use the barcode scanner in TargetSolutions Check It™ to look up items in a drug box and record information based on its barcode number.

Escalation policies ensure counts are performed after every drug box hand-off to help administrators manage personnel. Based on your agency’s preferences, in-platform notifications, emails, and text message reminders, make sure checks are consistent and completed on time.

In the case of a discrepancy between drug box counts, automated alerts notify the EMS chief and affected personnel. The administrator then has the options to resolve the difference as a mistake or investigate further.

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