Track Training at Acquired Structures for ISO with TargetSolutions

Fair to say most training officers would agree training at “acquired structures” is by far the best, most beneficial firefighter training possible. This is due to the realistic environment these valuable training sites provide during fire department training.
Trying to simulate search and rescue or RIT training at a training facility, while vital in their own regard, pales in comparison to actually being in a large office building or nursing home that has been made available to your department.
After completing this training you might wonder, where you should log this extremely valuable training now that ISO no longer requires multi-company or single-company drills? After all, training must be done at a training facility, and clearly “acquired structures” are not training facilities, right?
Well, the answer is quite simple if you are a TargetSolutions client who has been tracking fire department ISO hours: You don’t have to build a new Custom Activity, although you have that option, since all the activities are already built in the form of Company Training. If you are doing live fire in an acquired structure, use Chapter 15’s Fire Control. All your objectives for fire suppression are there and you can provide more detail in the “Additional Information” box. If the training was performing primary, or secondary searches, use Chapter 8’s Rescue and Extrication.
In fact, training at “Acquired Structures” can and will be captured to meet fire department ISO requirements as all of the Company Training activities are being tracked in the “company bucket” with TargetSolutions’ online fire training system. You merely need to determine which aspect of firefighting is the focus of the day’s training.
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Track Training at Acquired Structures
Fire departments can assign ready-made training assignments that cover ISO Driver Training, ISO Officer Training, ISO Hazmat Training, ISO Company Training and ISO Facilities Training with TargetSolutions’ online fire training system.


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