The Transformation of the LMS: Takeaways from the 2017 Vector Solutions Client Summit



By: Victoria Zambito, SVP Product, Content and Communication at Vector Solutions

Reflecting on the Vector Solutions annual client summit, it’s easy to recall the handshakes and smiles exchanged in between breakout sessions or the introductions between clients from more than 30 states. But, for me, the three-day event brought to life so much more than just another way to connect. The inaugural occasion saw industry experts from a wide variety of backgrounds join to exchange ideas around the next generation of learning and performance strategy.

For the first time in Vector’s history, we invited clients from all of our brands — RedVector, TargetSolutions, LearnSmart, and SafeSchools. These professionals represent the world’s most critical industries including engineering, construction, industrial, facilities management, public safety, IT and education. While from diverse and disparate fields, they found common interests including leveraging today’s technology to meet compliance requirements, improve safety and mitigate risk. As training and learning professionals, they are all tasked with keeping the people who make up the backbone of our world operating safely and efficiently. From the firefighter rushing to the scene of an accident to an engineer designing a bridge that will safely carry travelers, their job is not just about checking the training box, but delivering real results.

In addition, the engaged group discussed eLearning best practices and trends, new course development methodologies and emerging technology, and how the Learning Management System (LMS) as we know it needs to evolve to become an essential tool for helping organizations achieve peak performance.

Learning expert, analyst and futurist Elliott Masie spoke to the group about how learning must change to meet the needs of the learner; today’s learners expect knowledge to be ready when they need it, available where they need it, and curated just for them. Mr. Masie explored the idea that LMSs must move from being learning dispensers to being personalized knowledge optimizers.

Along similar lines, Vector introduced our product strategy to the group, providing detail on how we are transforming our Learning Management System into a Learning and Performance Solution that closes the gap between learning, doing and performing. Knowledge is no longer a passive thing you go and get, but rather something that is delivered to you, personalized, in the moment of need. It’s connected to performance and can be used to trigger events to drive change and improved outcomes.

Our goal is to connect performance, compliance, and identified risk areas to help organizations create action plans to protect and improve their businesses.

This is what has us excited — the future of how we are helping the heroes and thought leaders of our world perform at a safer and optimum level.

So, as we close out another successful summit, I am reminded of how important bringing together like-minded leaders can be. When we engage with our clients and discuss the complex processes and issues we face every day, we have the chance to create change.



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