Updated Course Explores How Water Distribution Systems Keep Customers Healthy and Safe

Water Industry Distribution Service to Customers explores water distribution systems and discusses their importance in protecting the public.

Designed to explore the methods of distribution, installation, and maintenance, TargetSolutions’ Water Industry Distribution Service to Customers training course has undergone major updates, including revised content and upgraded multimedia.

The 60-minute course, which is an approved technical course for continuing education, analyzes the four types of public water systems found in the United States, evaluates common water issues, and describes basic configurations of water distribution systems.

Other topics and objectives of this course include:

  • Types of customers, metering of these customers and proper recordkeeping
  • Common methods for making water service connections
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO) requirements for fire protection
  • The different water sources a water utility may use

This training course features nine learning modules and a 10-question exam. After successfully completing this course, students will be able to recognize AWWA standards.

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