Users Benefit from Streamlined Reporting with TargetSolutions


As healthcare providers approach the deadline for their recertification period, they can feel stressed as they wait for course completions reports. One service TargetSolutions provides is reporting completions so users can rest at ease knowing their hard work has been accounted for. But for users in some states, this cumbersome process can mean waiting two weeks or more to see the credit has been reported. To some firefighters and EMTs who are down to the wire with only a few weeks remaining to obtain those last credit hours, this is an incredible inconvenience.

Always looking for ways to better serve customers, TargetSolutions is able to streamline reporting of EMS course completions in the state of Florida. By implementing an application programming interface (API) solution, all Florida EMS course completions will now be submitted on a weekly basis, instead of the previous monthly basis. The API solution eliminates manual entry, which translates to faster, seamless reporting for our customers. TargetSolutions will continue to investigate other states for opportunities to utilize API reporting.

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