Vector EHS Management is the Learning Counsel’s App of the Week

Vector EHS Management is the Learning Counsel’s App of the Week

Vector EHS Management helps schools track health and safety incidents, hazards, and trends.

The Vector EHS Management System for K-12 schools was recently featured as the Learning Counsel’s App of the Week.

 The Learning Counsel is a research institute and news media hub, focused on providing context for the shift in education to digital curriculum and solutions. The Learning Counsel is a source of knowledge, research and reference for leaders to determine not only where they stand in the fray, but determine next steps and how to source companies, apps, and tools they should be looking at to help them in their charge to transform their school or district.

Vector EHS Management, is an incident management system that helps K-12 schools and districts record and manage safety incidents, identify trends, ensure regulatory compliance, and save time. The system can be used to report and track accidents, injuries, hazards and health-related incidents, including COVID-19 outbreaks, in real-time.

Features include:

  • Web-based forms and a mobile app allowing stakeholders to add and view incidents, and conduct and record safety inspections anytime, anywhere, including from a mobile device.
  • The ability to auto-generate reports such as OSHA reports in minutes.
  • Dashboards and analytics to help users better manage and track incidents and identify problem areas that need to be addressed.
  • A pre-built, configurable risk matrix to help administrators perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards.
  • An email alert system to notify employees about hazards and upcoming or overdue safety inspections.
  • Tools to generate, file and manage claims for workers' compensation, vehicle damage, property damage and more. The system also tracks employee time-off due to incidents and helps administrators analyze data to determine which claims and/or incident types incur the highest costs for the school or district.
  • Tools to plan, track and implement corrective actions.

Check out the article and learn more about how Vector EHS Management helps K-12 schools track health and safety incidents and trends.

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