Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office Uses Vector Solutions to Track Training Hours

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office Uses Vector Solutions to Track Training Hours

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The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office (Utah) is staffed with over 100 employees—including sworn law enforcement officers, search and rescue personnel, volunteers and other professionals. After researching solutions to track required training hours, Wasatch County decided to implement Vector Solutions’ Learning Management System (formerly TargetSolutions), Vector LMS,  in September 2019.

It didn’t take long for Mitch McKee, Training Director for Wasatch County, to find value in the platform’s advanced reporting capabilities and credential tracking.

About the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office

According to POST requirements for Utah, law enforcement officers must complete 40 hours of training annually. Wasatch County fulfills these hours through classroom or scenario-based training and by sending officers to hands-on training for firearms, defensive tactics, investigation and more.

In the past, their agency used a solution that could only track whether an officer took a class. When the time came to check on personnel’s progress, they would have to go through each individual’s record to check what training has been completed. It was time for a more efficient process.

Managing Training Compliance

Training Director McKee explained the benefits of using Vector LMS for his agency’s training management. Vector LMS’ comprehensive platform offers a number of customizable solutions for recording required training. McKee highlighted the Manage Credentials function of the platform, where he could build credentials for personnel to track their training hours in one, centralized system.

Whether it be instructor-led classroom sessions or hands-on exercises, personnel can document their own training hours in their credential. From there, McKee can oversee their training status and overall progress towards annual completion.

Auto-Generating Reports

A major appeal of Vector LMS was the ability to auto-generate searchable reports. Training data is automatically collected once entered into the system and reports are easily searchable—making each person’s training progress accessible. McKee elaborated his agency’s reports are set up on a quarterly basis so supervisors can intervene before a deadline and ensure training compliance.

Additionally, McKee emphasized how Vector LMS will be able to help his agency reduce the work of filling out training information twice for POST reporting. Using this system, Wasatch County can eliminate the hassle of dealing with double entry issues.

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