What Aspiring and Current Project Managers Should Know about PMBOK Version 6


The Project Management Institute (PMI) will release a new version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK); PMBOK® Version 6.

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What is PMI?

PMI stands for the Project Management Institute, and is a not-for-profit professional association for project managers and program managers. PMI is also the organization that oversees the documentation of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® within the PMBOK® Guide.

What is PMP?

Project Management Professional (PMP)® is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

There are currently 729,552 active PMP’s.

What is the PMBOK?

PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge and it is the entire collection of processes, best practices, and guidelines that are accepted as standards within the project management industry.

What is Happening?

PMI is releasing a new version of the PMBOK – PMBOK version 6 (the current edition is version 5).

When Will the PMP Exam Change to v6?

The PMP v6 will be available for testing in Q1 of 2018. Until then, candidates can take the current exam PMP v5. After the exam for v6 releases, students can take either exam for six months. After this six-month window, the PMP v5 exam will be retired.

Which Version Should I Use to Study?

Are you taking your exam before Jan 1, 2018? Use PMBOK Guide 5th Edition.

Are you taking your exam after Jan 1, 2018? Use PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

What Content is Changing?

A few examples include the following: A new chapter on the role of a project manager has been added to focus on leading projects effectively – competencies, experience, and skills that are all necessary. Plus, changes were made based on PMI’s research on the growing influence and use of Agile and Scrum. More specifically, the version 6 includes information on how to implement its approaches in Agile environments — a first for PMI. Two knowledge areas also have been re-named to more accurately reflect which elements can be managed and which cannot:

  • Time Management is now Schedule Management
  • Human Resources Management is now Resource Management

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