What Would You Do? How to Protect Against Workplace Violence


With nearly 2 million American workers reporting having been victims of workplace violence each year, employers are taking new steps to protect employees from varied threats. But today, only 40% of business have a dedicated emergency response plan and only 38% of businesses have held training sessions.

RedVector’s active shooter response and workplace violence training courses

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and unfold quickly, but being prepared might save your life. Active shooter training (which includes the Run Hide Fight protocol) and workplace violence training can help raise organizational awareness about what to do before, during, and after an incident. Take the time to train your workers, simulate emergency events and ensure people know what they are expected to do in different incident types.

Always evaluate the workplace for any existing hazards, conditions that may present risk, areas that aren’t covered by surveillance, loopholes in security checks or similar problems that can leave workers exposed to threats. Plus, be aware of your environment and locate the nearest two exits in any place you go.

If there is an active shooter on the premises, the Run, Hide, Fight protocol calls for the following:


Get away from the threat if at all possible and alert authorities.


If you can’t get away from an area of risk, hide. Playing dead can also be an effective option when facing targeted violence.


If all else fails, fight back in order to protect yourself and others.






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