When should incidents be redlined on the OSHA 300 Log?



Throughout the incident investigation process, new information may come to light for a OSHA recordable incident case that has been recorded on the OSHA 300 log, which makes it no longer considered as a recordable incident.

In these situations, OSHA requires organizations draw a redline through the incident on the OSHA 300 log to indicate that the incident is no longer OSHA recordable.

Redlining often occurs when supervisors or safety professionals may have incomplete or conflicting information when completing the initial incident investigation of an incident.  For example, a physician may propose an initial treatment that is defined as medical treatment beyond first aid, while a 2nd physician may propose a first aid only medical treatment.  The incident investigator may initially determine the incident as OSHA recordable based on the recommendation of the 1st physician but later need to redline the incident on determining that the employee followed the recommendation of the 2nd physician.

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