Why It’s Time to Celebrate National IT Professionals Day


An estimated 6.9 million workers are employed in the American technology sector, according to research from CompTIA. Many of these technical specialists will be celebrate, in some form or fashion, Sept. 19 during what’s known as National IT Professionals Day.

IT workers at SolarWinds, an Austin-based IT infrastructure management software firm, created the holiday back in September 2015, according to a company press release. The organization pinned the creation of the holiday, celebrated annually every third Tuesday in September, to a company survey conducted at the time that showed professionals outside of the IT department underappreciated internal technical teams, despite knowing full-well that these groups help drive business operations by maintaining mission-critical applications and networking infrastructure.


“The survey results demonstrate that business leaders and end users can do a lot more to show IT pros how appreciative they are of the value they provide to business,” SolarWinds President and CEO Kevin Thompson explained. “The technology we rely on to keep business running smoothly is absolutely critical to success, but the level of recognition and reward IT pros receive for the part they play in enabling and supporting it may not match it. IT Professionals Day is a great way to start leveling that.”

In the two years since the establishment of National IT Professionals Day, the holiday has picked up considerable steam across numerous industries. The SolarWinds workers behind the celebration encourage non-technical professionals to honor their colleagues in IT via humorous online greeting cards and social media “shout-outs.” IT employees participating in the holiday can also print out signs designed for inclusion in selfies and equipped with the hashtag #ITProDay.

Collecting hard evidence

In addition to organizing the web-based celebration surrounding National IT Professionals Day, SolarWinds publishes hard data substantiating the impact of enterprise technology personnel. For instance, recent survey results from the company show that IT professionals spend 65 percent of their time managing IT infrastructure, with nearly half of this expenditure going toward resolving trouble tickets involving senior officers. More shockingly, analysts for the company found that 63 percent of end-users believe IT departments have a greater impact on their work than C-level leaders.

With this compelling evidence in mind, organizations should consider taking part in National IT Professionals Day and honoring the computational savants that keep key backend systems up and running.






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