Why Organizations Are Adding Microlearning to Their Training Mix


The rise of enterprise mobile technology has transformed employee training and prompted the addition of new instructional methods that keep learners engaged and knowledge retained. Microlearning is one of these new techniques.

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Short bursts work best
The essence of microlearning lies in session length, according to Entrepreneur. Microlearning can deliver shortened courses that cover easy-to-digest yet targeted information to users, whether they’re at a desk or out in the field. Most microlearning is deployed on electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets to enhance the experience. These bite-sized sessions work with all subjects, including more complicated topics like compliance. Scenario-driven exercises and clips have been known to work best.

Facilitating engagement

Why are many organizations swapping traditional training formats for microlearning? Employee engagement. Only 35 percent of Americans report being engaged at work, according to recent polling data from Gallup. A mere 29 percent of Millennial professionals say they really embrace their duties.

Training techniques designed to encourage engagement – especially those involving microlearning – often prove fruitful, Training Industry reported. Employees with disparate learning styles can access content best suited to their needs and quickly get through lessons on their own time. In addition, the specificity of the training improves knowledge absorption, which correlates directly to productivity gains.

Microlearning as a reference tool
With microlearning, users can also access bite-sized training clips at the point of need. For instance, without having to retreat back to a desk, search through courses, or thumb through a manual, they could quickly reference a safety procedure, refresh on a building code or reeducate themselves on a piece of equipment when faced with a task. Using microlearning apps as reference tools that provide instant access to information has proven valuable.

Businesses see fringe benefits
Organizations with microlearning programs obviously see the benefits that come with having engaged and educated employees. However, they also take advantage of other perks. Maintaining such initiatives can galvanize recruitment efforts, as millennials and other growth-driven workers often flock to firms with robust, modern training programs, according to E-Learning Industry.

The continued development of microlearning is opening up new opportunities for organizations looking to modernize their training efforts and facilitate efficiency and productivity gains.







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