Wire Rope Training Modules In Production Now


We’ve begun production on three new training modules that we think many of our customers are going to be excited about:

Proper operational and safety training is essential for companies working with wire ropes, and we’re excited that we’ll soon be providing a computer-based training solution to you. As always, the completed modules will incorporate 3-D and 2-D animations, sharp and clear writing, audio narration, interactive practice screens, and tests to assess learner retention and comprehension.

Wire Rope Basics will cover: the parts of a wire rope; the different core and strand materials; different finishes; lay length, lay direction, and regular and lang lays; rotation-resistant ropes; rope classifications and rope constructions; nominal diameter; nominal strength; design factor; and maximum working load.

Wire Rope Preparation will cover: selection, transporting, storing, the importance of avoiding kinking, uncoiling, unreeling, drum winding, drum capacity, and drum spooling.

Wire Rope Use, Maintenance, and Inspection will cover: the importance of breaking in a rope, best work practices for wire ropes, lubrication, inspections, valley and crown breaks, common breaking patterns and what they signify, cutting and seizing wire ropes, and tips for extending the service life of wire ropes.

Check back soon to see samples of the Wire Rope training courses and find when they’re ready for purchase.

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