2019 Year in Review: A Look Back at Top Innovations, Enhancements and News


With 2019 coming to a close, here’s a look back on TargetSolutions’ latest products, training courses and platform enhancements released in 2019.

For TargetSolutions, and its parent company Vector Solutions, 2019 was a year of exciting innovations and growth. In addition to new product releases, such as controlled substances tracking or the Driver Assessment and Training Program, this year also brought new online training for law enforcement and other industries, customer-driven platform updates and philanthropic projects.

Going in to 2020, TargetSolutions will continue to develop new technology and improve its existing solutions for public safety agencies. With that, here’s a look at some of the most notable enhancements, news and updates from 2019.

Top Product Innovations of 2019

In mid-2019, the Controlled Substances module in the TargetSolutions Check It™ application was released. This application was developed to address requirements by the DEA and local agencies for secure tracking of schedule II controlled substances. With built-in checklists, eSignature options and biometric technology, departments have cradle-to-grave management of controlled substances from the moment they are acquired to when they are administered to a patient or discarded as waste.

To help improve roadway safety and reduce claims for agencies, TargetSolutions also developed the Driver Assessment and Training Program this year. Using 3D animations, this assessment and year-long training solution places personnel in the driver’s seat as they experience different driving hazards. With this program, organizations can test employees’ competencies and fill knowledge gaps through simulation-based training.

New Online Training Courses

Throughout 2019, TargetSolutions and Calibre Press worked together to release a 25-course training series for law enforcement personnel. Available through the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS), law enforcement agencies can deliver and track new video-based training created by industry experts. Courses feature live instructors and use body camera footage to tackle topics such as reading body language, de-escalation strategies, stress management and leadership.

Beyond Calibre Press training, TargetSolutions also developed new law enforcement courses of its own. Use of Force training uses findings from real incidents to help personnel understand when force is appropriate, post-incident procedures and documentation.

Two all-new courses were also added to the Water and Wastewater Training catalog. Flagger and Cone Safety highlights procedures for work zone traffic control and flagger safety. Water Industry Excavation covers trench anatomy, soil classifications and how to recognize hazardous atmospheres.

EMS Grey Area Calls was also added to the EMS continuing education catalog. This course uses evidence-based research to guide paramedics in forming clinical impressions based on patient presentations.

Rope, Rope Rescue, Knots was created to help firefighters of all levels understand the proper execution and maintenance of firefighter ropes and knots.

Buck/Boom Truck Safety and Operation was designed for annual refresher training to operate this specialized equipment and avoid risks such as falling or electrocution.

Finally, TargetSolutions released multiple training courses addressing harassment and employee safety. Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees – California (SB1343), Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB1343/AB1825), and Workplace Bullying were designed to protect employees and help organizations address and prevent harassment cases.

In addition to new training content, TargetSolutions modernized many courses in its EMS continuing education catalog. Now in a video-based format, these courses feature on-screen instructors and include updated images, case studies and statistics.

Biggest Platform Enhancements in 2019

As part of its ongoing mission to improve user experience, TargetSolutions released a variety of platform enhancements in 2019. These changes were based on client feedback and improved daily processes.

Mass messaging capabilities within the TargetSolutions LMS allowed easier and faster internal communication across an agency. Whether you’re reaching out to event attendees, members enrolled in a credential or the entire organization, sending messages now only takes a few easy steps.

The ability to subscribe to forum topics was also added to the LMS. Now, users can subscribe to forum topic and receive notifications when replies are made – helping departments make full use of the forum feature and centralize communication.

Numerous enhancements were also released for TargetSolutions Check It™. An all-new Equipment tab was added to the mobile application for streamlined inspections and multiple features were updated for an at-a-glance view of checklists and data.

Additional enhancements include:

Top News of 2019

During the 2019 Fire-Rescue International (FRI) conference in Atlanta (GA), TargetSolutions and the International Association of Fire Chief’s Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (IAFC-VCOS) recognized Lee Whitner of South Adams County (Colo.) Fire Department with the 2019 VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award. This award is announced every year during the annual VCOS meeting at FRI and honors exemplary conduct and dedication by a training officer.

Vector Solutions also launched the Vector Cares Program in 2019. This program combined its business strengths to promote social awareness and be a resource for individuals. One way this was achieved was through complimentary training courses for PTSD and cancer awareness for first responders. These courses not only helped spread knowledge within public safety agencies, but also benefited organizations such as the American Cancer Society through donations from TargetSolutions.

Vector Solutions also continued its annual Fire Truck Pull events in both Tampa, FL and San Diego, CA. Benefitting the San Diego Burn Institute, this year’s event involved multiple local fire departments and brought together the community for a good cause.

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