Convergence Server Learning Management System (LMS) Installed at Pulp and Paper-Making Facility in Southeastern United States

Representatives of Convergence Training recently visited an pulp and paper-making facility facility in Southern California to install the Convergence Server Learning Management System and Scout, the mobile training device from Convergence.

Installation of the Convergence Server LMS was quick and seamless, with most all processes completed within one day. With the Learning Management System installed on the company's network, Convergence representatives trained the personnel at the pulp and paper-making facility to use the new system. The personnel from the facility, including members of the Training, Human Relations, and Information Technology departments, quickly grasped the concepts, aided by the intuitive design and interface of Convergence Server.

In follow-up discussions, the training staff at the facility has informed Convergence that the system is performing well under test conditions, that they are pleased with the power and ease-of-use that Convergence Server offers to them and their employees, and reports that they will convert the management and delivery of their training materials to Convergence Server in the near future.

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