Anonymous Alert System: What Local Schools Are Doing to Address Threats

Anonymous Alert System: What Local Schools Are Doing to Address Threats

RICHLAND, Wash. – Following tragic school shootings and acts of violence like we saw Wednesday in Florida, school safety is at the forefront in our society and our community.

Now the Richland School District is rolling out a new safety alert system for its students, staff and parents that aims to prevent crises before they happen.

Because of the violence we’ve seen on school campuses across the nation and in our state.

Lawmakers in Washington are requiring schools to have an outlet to report any incidents or threats to the district – anonymously.

“I think everybody’s kind of still in shock because you’re like is this really the world we live in today, it’s frightening,”

Richland school teacher and mother of three, Sarah McGrath said she’s still replaying the images from Florida’s school shooting.

“Those are somebody’s kids, that’s somebody’s faculty, that’s somebody’s grandkids,” McGrath said. “It’s catastrophic, and it’s a catastrophic ripple effect because you think that could have been us last week.”

As a response to threats on their school campuses, like Enterprise Middle School, Richland School District is implementing SafeSchools Alert system, allowing students staff parents and the community to submit anonymous tips online.

This gives the administration the knowledge and information to hopefully prevent these tragedies.

“This is just one more tool, it’s not going to solve the problem of all the things that can happen in society, but if students feel more comfortable contacting us anonymously about something they heard then so much the better,” said Steve Aagaard, RSD spokesperson.

Information or tips can be submitted by text, email, phone or on their website.

“So flood our community with this information, so kids can know they’re not going to be in trouble, they’re not going to be ostracized, that it’s a safe place to call,” McGrath said.

To make schools safer, she said thinks the anonymous tip line is a great place to start.

“But you still must have the conversation with your kids, we have to as a country figure out where do we go from here, why is this happening, and what can we do?” McGrath said.

Teachers, parents and administrators hope the anonymous alert system is at least a step in the right direction.

Richland School District is rolling out the safe school’s alert system.


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