As Seen In Fire Engineering: Grants: How They Work for Fire Departments and How TargetSolutions Simplifies the Process

Many of us cringe at simply hearing those words. However, in the fire service these are important for us to do our job. It starts with a budget narrowed through line items saying where we are going to spend our money. From there it exponentially blows up. How many times did you check off that engine last year? How many calls did we run last year? How many hours of training do I have so far this year? You get the point.

TargetSolutions, the leader in training, operations and workforce management, has your answer. We have a robust system of products that help maintain all the data and statistics you need. TargetSolutions is here to aid you in compliance management with all that data that you must compile and need at your fingertips. What can our solutions do, you may ask? Well, our solutions can keep records on training and credentialing. This makes it easy to show who has been trained and met the standards we must meet as firefighters.

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