Back to school tips for parents and students

Back to school tips for parents and students

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or in his/her last year of high school, here’s a list of useful tips to prepare for the new school year.

1. Have proper school supplies

Depending on your grade, the list of supplies you need will differ. Show up to class on the first day with general supplies like pens, pencils, paper, notebooks and binders. Get a more thorough idea of what you’ll need by asking your teacher or referring to the course syllabus before you buy too many supplies.

2. Learn about bullying

It’s important that parents talk to their children about bullying and cyberbullying. It’s important that children know what to do and how to recognize bullying in the case of an incident.

3. Avoid germs

You don’t want to get sick at the start of the new school year, but schools are a breeding ground for disease. With hundreds of kids from different households walking around and touching doors, lockers and desks, germs can spread rapidly. Take precautionary measures by washing your hands, keeping hand sanitizer on you and covering your mouth when you cough.

4. Be prepared for an emergency

Parents should discuss with their children what to do in case of an emergency. Since parents are usually at work while their children are at school, it’s important to discuss beforehand. Additionally, parents can discuss with teachers about the school’s emergency preparedness and act accordingly.

5. Create a list of goals

Making a list of goals in September can help you accomplish more throughout the year. Rather than just showing up for class, plan ahead to see what you can do to accomplish your goals.

Bonus: Don’t procrastinate

School might start with less coursework in September, but it will quickly pick up by October. If you procrastinate, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the pace of the class.

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