Corporate Philanthropy 2017: Vector Solutions


Vector Solutions, Big category winner (51-150 employees)

Top local executive: Jeff Gordon, CEO

No. of employees: 118

No. of volunteers: 100

What is your corporate philanthropic mission statement?

Support for philanthropic causes and the community is a cornerstone of the Vector Solutions culture. It’s crucial to us that our business reflects our commitment to contributing to the greater good. We believe in mobilizing our people and resources to lead positive social change, advance knowledge, drive research and serve the individuals and families of our community.

Does your company have a coordinated volunteer program established?

Vector Solutions has a dedicated Philanthropy Team consisting of 10 members who organize fundraising activities and volunteer opportunities for the office. Fundraising activities, volunteer projects and more are held on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and ad hoc basis.

Annually, Vector Solutions supports Habitat for Humanity and Susan G. Komen through large corporate donations and volunteer hours provided by our employees. Quarterly, Vector Solutions selects four charities (to correspond with each of the four quarters) to support, holding a minimum of three fundraising drives and one donation drive for each. Vector Solutions then matches all employee contributions at the end of the quarter. Monthly, at least one fundraising drive is held to benefit the quarter’s charity, and weekly the office engages in a “Shorts and Sandals” fundraiser to benefit the respective charity.

Additionally, on any given day an employee may volunteer in the community, as every employee is encouraged to take one paid day off each year to support his or her charity of choice.

How are your company’s philanthropic efforts executed?

In order to support Metropolitan Ministries (our fourth-quarter charity), for example, Vector Solutions held two donation drives (a Thanksgiving food drive and a Christmas toy drive), three monthly potluck lunches (where team members donated a homemade dish to the Philanthropy Team, who then organized a lunch and requested a $5 donation for participation from the office), and weekly “Shorts and Sandals” fundraising drives (where team members were encouraged to dress in shorts and sandals on Fridays and make a small donation to Metropolitan Ministries). At the end of the quarter, the company matched the employee contributions (the sum of the monthly potlucks and weekly “Shorts and Sandals” drives).

In addition, this year with severe storms striking both Florida and Texas, we reached out to our team to add a special donation. This resulted in over $3,000 given to two charities that directly benefited these areas.

How does your company measure the outcome of its philanthropic efforts?

We measure total dollars earned per quarter, total value of donations collected, and total value of labor (for volunteer hours worked), to come up with a cumulative monetary number at the end of the year. We pride ourselves on having 100 percent employee participation in nearly all of our fundraising and philanthropic efforts. Vector Solutions as a company matches all cash donations on a 1-to-1 value.


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