Corpus Christi ISD employees required to take active shooter course

Corpus Christi ISD employees have until the end of March to complete an online course on active shooter training, Corpus Christi ISD chief of police Kirby Warnke said.

The training covers facts about school shootings, understanding how to reduce the likelihood of active shooter situations, learning evidence-based methods to improve the odds of survival during an active shooter event, and a list actions to take in the event of an active shooter situation.

Warnke said the training, which is part of the SafeSchools program suite created by Vector Solutions, is supplementary to a manual for staff and classroom curriculum on crises at schools. The manual was issued after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

The Corpus Christi ISD police department has undergone active shooter training for more than a decade. The district is among the about 150 school districts in the state that has a police department.

One of the reasons the district recently took on the SafeSchools training is to provide employees with factual data on active shooter situations in school settings, Warnke said.

“We’re firm believers in training,” he said. “(The SafeSchools training) helps dispel some myths about school shootings.”