North Hills Adopts SafeSchools Alert to Anonymously Report Bullying, Violence

North Hills Adopts SafeSchools Alert to Anonymously Report Bullying, Violence

Bullies in the North Hills School District who rely on the silence of their victims to keep up their scare tactics will soon be a telephone call, email or text message away from being busted for their behavior.

Board members voted unanimously recently to purchase the SafeSchools Alert confidential tip reporting system that students, staff and parents can use to report bullies and instances of violence.

“This is a great addition to our district’s safety and security measures,” school Director Allison Mathis said.

The Safeschools Alert system will allow incidents to be reported around the clock.

The system, created by Vector Solutions in Cincinnati, OH was developed to help school districts combat the alarming number of bullying and safety incidents in U.S. schools and the consequences they cause.

Developers note that:

• One in three teens report being bullied and one in two students say they have been cyber bullied.

• 160,000 children miss school each day due to fears of being intimidated or attacked.

• 19,000 bullied children attempt suicide every year.

• 57 percent of students say they would not report an incident if it cannot be done anonymously.

Safeschools Alert will include flyers, posters and other material that can be customized to promote its use as well as interactive tutorials and electronic presentations to help district leadership communicate key features of the system to principals, department heads and other supervisors, according to the company.

The system allows administrators to track and manage the tips that are received so the appropriate personnel can resolve the problems.

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