PBS Goes “Behind the Scenes” at Vector


Proudly Providing the Education and Resources to Help Everyday Heroes Improve Performance.

Vector Solutions is featured in the short-form documentary, “Behind the Scenes,” hosted by James Earl Jones and airing on PBS stations across the country. The education portion of the series features groundbreaking learning institutions and significant organizations of merit. In this segment, “Behind the Scenes” analyzes how technology is changing the way heroes and the thought leaders who design, build and protect our world are trained.

Vector Solutions and its brands RedVector, TargetSolutions and LearnSmart are showcased leading the charge to make organizations safer and more capable via cutting-edge learning and performance support solutions. Whether it’s a firefighting team responding to an emergency, an engineering firm developing and designing infrastructure or a manufacturing organization creating a new product to bring to the market, Vector Solutions provides the resources to improve the performance and meet the needs of these everyday heroes.

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