Higher Education: Campus Lockdown

Higher Education: Campus Lockdown

The Situation

There was a deadly shooting at an apartment complex near a college campus. As local police began searching for the unidentified, likely armed perpetrator, the college instituted a “hard lockdown,” advising all community members to seek safe locations and to lock and barricade doors. Campus security needed a means of receiving and addressing tips and questions from students, faculty, and staff as the situation continued to be investigated.

The Solution

Prior to this incident, the college had deployed Vector LiveSafe campus-wide to provide a convenient and discreet way for students, faculty, and staff to communicate with Public Safety. During the lockdown, community members were able to submit questions and concerns using Vector LiveSafe.

The Result

As the shooting incident was investigated, campus security teams used Vector LiveSafe to quickly address questions about the lockdown, confirm the safety of different campus locations, and respond to reports of potential perpetrator sightings. This rapid two-way communication helped community members stay safe and informed until the all clear had been issued and the lockdown was lifted.

"Schools are the second most common location for an active shooter incident."


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