Gannon University: COVID-19 Health Survey

Gannon University: COVID-19 Health Survey

The Customer

Gannon University is a private Catholic university located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Gannon has a total enrollment of nearly 4,500 students.

The Situation

As the university begins to reopen, it needs a way to regularly screen students, faculty, and staff for COVID-19 symptoms to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the community.

The Solution

Gannon made LiveSafe an essential part of their reopening plan. The university requires that all students, faculty, and staff download the Mobile App and to complete a COVID-19 Daily Health Questionnaire each day before arriving at work or class.

The Result

Incorporating LiveSafe into Gannon’s reopening plan helps ensure that people exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms do not come to campus and risk spreading the virus to their classmates and coworkers. Those who report experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are referred to the university’s health department where they receive guidance on testing locations and self- isolation policies.

“I think our survey questionnaire is very upfront, very simple, [and] I do it every morning before I come into work.”

- Jon Habursky, Assistant Director, Police and Safety at Gannon University

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