How Gresham Smith Designed Its Training & Talent Management Program with Vector Solutions

How Gresham Smith Designed Its Training & Talent Management Program with Vector Solutions

The Customer

The Customer Gresham Smith is an international architecture, engineering, and design firm with approximately 950 highly-skilled team members working closely with clients to improve the cities and towns we call home. For over 50 years, Gresham Smith has had a vital role in the design of hospitals, roadways, airports, corporate offices, and manufacturing plants.

In 2019, Gresham Smith sought to develop a comprehensive training program that would empower employees to expand their knowledge and skills, simplify the professional development hour (PDH) process for license/credential renewals, and provide a resource to bolster each employee’s individual career advancement.

The Challenge

Gresham Smith had previously purchased a talent management system that it hoped would provide the framework for a comprehensive training and professional development program. However, the organization quickly realized that the system lacked the necessary capabilities. The system was not well equipped to host proprietary content, manage training records, or support in-person training at a high level.

“Our firm does about 50% training through ‘live’ avenues including internal facilitation, vendor-provided workshops, subject matter expert webinars, and formal programs,” said Sara Rayman, Training and Development Manager at Gresham Smith.

Key Challenges:

  • Inability to import proprietary content
  • Difficulty tracking in-person and online training history across multiple locations
  • Unable to handle the logistics of in-person training sessions
  • Limited accredited professional development training

Consequently, administrators had to manually pair each employee’s proprietary, in-person, and online training records to validate that the employee had received the proper training. Administrators also had to spend time researching appropriate accredited, safety, and professional development content to offer their employees. Purchasing content from a variety of different training providers (each with different functionality, look and feel, and so forth) caused confusion about the training program and created more work for administrators having to deal with multiple vendors and contracts.

The Solution

Gresham Smith turned to Vector Solutions for its all-in-one offering:

  • Accredited, industry-specific courses that would accommodate varying levels of employee tenure across multiple states and technical licenses.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) that would deliver, track and report that training, as well as submit completion records to the state boards and other professional organizations requiring documentation for license renewal.

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-one LMS and content solution
  • License management tool
  • Accredited courses applicable towards multiple license and certification renewals
  • User-friendly system

Within the first three months of using the Vector LMS, the organization was already experiencing major benefits. Gresham Smith was able to harmoniously combine several employee learning and development tools into a systematic and proactive training approach. By using a centralized platform to blend Gresham Smith’s proprietary training with Vector Solutions’ accredited courses into defined learning plans, employees could continue to diversify knowledge and advance skill sets. Additionally, the LMS has significantly reduced the amount of time administrators are spending on manual tasks, or as Rayman puts it, “has allowed administrators to focus on more strategic initiatives, ultimately increasing the value of our firm to clients.”

One tool that has proven especially beneficial for Gresham Smith employees is the license management search tool. With a few clicks, employees are able to filter through training courses that not only match their interests, but also satisfy their specific continuing education requirements. In many cases, they found one course can satisfy multiple license and credential requirements, saving all involved time and costs.

“The license management tool, the dashboard to track progress, and the valuablecontent in support of license renewal sets Vector Solutions apart from any other vendor.” – Sara Rayman, Training and Development Manager.

The Outcome

Overall, Gresham Smith and its employees have fully embraced the new user-friendly solution. The organization has received positive comments from employees regarding the accredited content as well as the ability to explore courses outside of their specific job role in order to broaden their professional growth.

“I would say the biggest benefit the solution has helped us achieve is to remain on the leading edge of our industry as a firm of choice because we invest in the development of our people and practice,” said Rayman.

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