Higher Education: COVID-19 Survey and Resources

Higher Education: COVID-19 Survey and Resources

The Customer

This client is a private Christian liberal arts university located in Washington. This university has an enrollment of over 2,500 students.

The Situation

As this institution welcomed over 1,000 students back to campus, they wanted to ensure that students and faculty remained healthy and safe. In addition to altering move-in protocols and shifting some classes to an online format, the university wanted to ensure that students had an easy means of accessing COVID-19 resources and the ability to report their health status.

The Result

The university incorporated Vector LiveSafe’s COVID-19 offering into its reopening plan. Using the Vector LiveSafe Mobile App, community members can easily complete a COVID-19 health screening survey and self-report any symptoms each day before class. Vector LiveSafe also enables students, faculty, and staff to access CDC and campus COVID-19 information, engage in two-way communications with security officials, and request help when needed.

The Solution

If community members report any COVID-19 symptoms, they are quickly connected to health resources so that appropriate next steps can be taken. With Vector LiveSafe, this institution is able to mitigate the risk of widespread illness on campus. This makes the students, faculty and staff feel safer and more prepared for a healthy return to school.

Want to Know More?

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