Back-to-Better Project: Supporting Colleges' and Universities' Mental Health Efforts During COVID-19

Webinar Details

Students report significantly greater mental health issues as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to wear on. Institutional leaders now face the downstream challenges, right alongside physical health and academic continuity. Ongoing school closures and future physical distancing requirements have forced institutions of higher education to rapidly pivot the ways in which they support their students.

Participants in the Back to Better Project will receive:

  • Unique opportunity to participate in a cohort of institutions who will deploy the COVID-19 specific course to their student population
  • COVID-19 specific content enhancements made to Vector Solutions (formerly Everfi's Campus Prevention Network) Mental Well-being for Students course
  • Community outreach tools
  • Data insights to better understand the needs of your students and inform your back-to-school efforts

Want to Know More?

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