Developing Proactive Strategies to Improve School and Campus Climates

Webinar Details

Watch our free recorded webinar on "Developing Proactive Strategies to Improve School and Campus Climates," with Dr. Myron Anderson and Dr. Kathryn Young.

In this session, Dr. Myron Anderson and Dr. Kathryn Young, authors of Fix Your Climate: A Practical Guide to Reducing Microaggressions, Microbullying, and Bullying in the Academic Workplace, will be discussing strategies to get ahead of microaggressions and bullying on college/university and K-12 campuses.

We are pleased to bring you this webinar in collaboration with our Diversity & Inclusion partners at DiversityEdu.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to use the 4-way implementation model to address microaggression and bullying at their campuses, schools, and districts.
  • Participants will be able to list their own examples of proactive strategies on their campuses and at their schools.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Myron Anderson | VP for Inclusive Excellence, The University of Texas at San Antonio

As a member of the president’s senior leadership team, Myron is the inaugural Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and is responsible for building a division and integrating the Inclusive Excellence ecosystem throughout the University. Using inclusive leadership as the framework paralleled with an active leadership strategy, listen, co-create, harvest, and implement, this serves as the framework to articulate a vision and implement the ecosystem designed to improve campus climate and advance Inclusive Excellence. Since Myron assumed his position in 2019, he has worked collaboratively to develop a campus-wide Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board, an interactive web portal, a university cultural intelligence professional development strategy, and the re-engineering of the faculty recruitment process leading to the hiring of 31% underrepresented minority faculty in 2020.

While at MSU Denver, he worked to improve the institution’s cultural competence and led the Office of Institutional Diversity to focus on six elements: campus climate, recruitment and retention, diversity development, diversity initiatives, equity scorecard, and civic engagement. He facilitated the development and implementation of the college’s diversity strategic plan and led a successful college-wide campus climate survey effort. He also develops symposia on diversity, facilitates the ongoing assessment of the campus climate, and, in cooperation with the provost’s office, leads efforts to integrate diversity throughout the curriculum.

Dr. Kathryn Young | Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Dr. Kathryn Young is a Professor in Secondary Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver and served as the Faculty Fellow with the Office of Institutional Diversity at the university. Dr. Young earned a Bachelor of Arts in French Education from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a Masters of Arts in Teaching from North Carolina Central University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Young has worked as an educator for 20+ years with the past 12 years in higher education.

Before becoming a professor she taught French for a year, then English, Math and Science in the Peace Corps, then went on to be a special educator specializing in working with students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. Her research interests include Disability Studies in Education, Inclusive Education, Cultural Competence, Diversity in Higher Education, and Microaggressions in Education and in the Workplace. Dr. Young is a trained facilitator of the Intercultural Developmental Inventory (IDI). She is also a leader in embedding Trauma Informed Practices (TIP) into higher education curricula. Dr. Young has 20+ published papers and numerous presentations across her research interests. She has presented numerous times on the topic of microaggressions and workplace bullying. Her newly published co-authored book with Dr. Myron Anderson is Fix Your Climate: A Practical Guide to Reducing Microaggressions, Microbullying, and Bullying in the Academic Workplace.

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