Free On-Demand Webinar: Why Apply HPI?

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Human Performance Improvement, or HPI, is a field or thought (or philosophy, or mindset, or management system) dedicated to helping humans working more effectively within their workplace systems. We recently invited our friend Joe Estey, a human performance improvement specialist, to discuss HPI with us in a live webinar that we’re now offering in a recorded, on-demand version.

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We’ve also included a series of links related to HPI (and similar fields, such as Safety Differently, Safety II, and HOP, or human and organizational performance) as well as a free infograpic that reproduces the famous Workplace Performance Improvement flowchart by Mager and Pipe, below.

Infographics Related to HPI

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Resources Related to Safety Differently, Safety II, and HOP

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Before you go, please download our free Analyzing & Solving Performance Problems flowchart, based off the famous Mager & Pipe flowchart.


Analyzing & Solving Workplace Performance Problems Infographic Btn

Analyzing & Solving Workplace Performance Problems Flowchart

Download this free infographic, based on the famous Mager/Pipe flowchart from their book Analyzing Performance Problems, to determine the cause of workplace performance problems and then select the appropriate solution/intervention.

Download Free Infographic

Analyzing & Solving Workplace Performance Problems Infographic Btn

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