Webinar: New Rules on Title IX for K-12 Schools

On-Demand Webinar with Megan C. Farrell

The New Rules under Title IX were released by the Department of Education on May 6, 2020, with a requirement implementation date of August 14, 2020. K-12 schools face significant changes to what matters they need to investigate under Title IX, how they must conduct those investigations, and who needs to be trained at the school districts before this fast-approaching implementation date. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the most significant changes in these New Rules for K-12 schools and strategies on how best to incorporate these changes before the school year begins.

Title IX for K-12 Schools Webinar Topics

  1. Review of implementation challenges school districts face as they work to implement the New Title IX Rules by the deadline.
  2. Highlight of 15 significant changes to Title IX that have impact to your policies, procedures, and practices.
  3. Learn what next steps are recommended for Title IX Coordinators and district administrators to implement the new rules.

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About the Presenter – Megan C. Farrell, JD MBA

Megan is an advisor and consultant to educational institutions with a focus on Title IX compliance. Megan’s background includes working as Title IX Coordinator at Palo Alto School District and Notre Dame of Maryland University. She has also served as in-house counsel, faculty member, and graduate program director. Megan also has provided risk and litigation management counseling to institutions, developed internal policies and procedures for education clients, and designed customized training programs for educational institutions across the country. Megan is also the author of our SafeSchools Staff Training course, Title IX Compliance Overview.

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