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Vector LiveSafe Platform Demo

Thursday, December 2, at 12pm EST | 9am PST 

Vector LiveSafe, Vector Solutions' mobile risk management platform, combines quick-assessed data and user-focused design to provide an intuitive reporting process and efficient response structure. Understanding how and when to use key platform features such as mass messaging and customizable resources can help your organization improve safety communications and keep your workforce informed and prepared during both routine events and emergencies.

Attend this webinar to view a live demo of Vector LiveSafe platform functionality, including:

  • A live demo of the Vector LiveSafe mobile risk management offering
  • Tip submission: Employees can easily report safety and security threats and alert the appropriate security team for response and escalation.
  • Resource availability: Share relevant policies and procedures that employees can easily access in times of need, with or without an internet connection.
  • Two-Way Messaging: Employees can communicate with security teams in real time.
  • Broadcast messaging: Organizations can send alerts or reminders to employees regarding new or updated policies, relevant safety and security threats, and more.


Karla Lemmon

Sales Solution Engineer | Vector Solutions

Karla is an experienced, highly motivated sales and marketing professional with extensive background in SaaS solutions. As the Sales Solutions Engineer for Vector LiveSafe, Vector Solutions' mobile risk management offering, Karla brings over a decade of mass notification and SaaS solution experience to the team, which she joined in 2021.

Annie Akehurst Headshot
Annie Akehurst

Director Product Marketing | Vector Solutions

As a Director Product Marketing for Vector Solutions, Annie collaborates with Product Management & Marketing to develop product positioning and messaging for Vector LiveSafe. She also spearheads the creation of tools and collateral that address how Vector LiveSafe solves risk management challenges. Annie brings 20+ years of marketing experience in the field of emergency communications.

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