Creating Better Compliance Training

Webinar Overview

February 1, 2022 1 pm EST | 10 am PST

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Creating Better Compliance Training, as we discuss how compliance training can be relevant and engaging and lead to positive outcomes for workers and the organization while also satisfying regulatory training requirements.

In this webinar, we’ll take lessons from the book Fully Compliant: Compliance Training to Change Behavior by Travis Waugh, in which he discusses the importance of creating training that motivates the worker to learn, that addresses the context in which they make decisions, and that helps them change habits that may lead to compliance risks at work. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn tips for creating training that:

  • Motivates workers to engage in and learn from compliance training 
  • Helps workers “rewire” habits that increase compliance risks 
  • Facilitates compliance training assignment, delivery, tracking, reporting, and completion record storage by using a learning management system (LMS)
  • Helps workers respond in a more compliant fashion to contextual elements in their work environment that drive decisions and behaviors


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Jeff Dalto

Workplace Learning & Performance Specialist | Vector Solutions

Jeff has 20+ years in L&D and job training, is currently working on completing a Masters degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning at Boise State University, and is a certified Instructional Designer (Association for Talent Development, ATD).

He's worked directly with 50+ companies adding online training to their employee training programs. 

Please feel free to connect with Jeff on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-dalto-18b58a6/ 

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