Free Manufacturing Training Guide: 5 Tips for Better Manufacturing Training

Free Manufacturing Training Guide: 5 Tips for Better Manufacturing Training

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In today's economy, effective manufacturing training is a necessity. If you're not training your workers to do their jobs properly, you're pouring money down the drain and losing your competitive advantage.

Five Steps to Effective Manufacturing Training

The guide will walk you though a step-by-step process in which you:

1. Identify business goals the training supports and KPIs to measure effectiveness of the training

Make sure your training is going to move an important business needle and that you can later prove that.

This is the best place to start your training design process. NEVER start a training program without knowing what business goal it supports and how to measure progress toward completion of that goal.

Remember, we create and deliver training for a reason. And that reason should always be to help the organization achieve a business goal.

Read more about identifying your business goals for training here.

2. Analyze your manufacturing training needs

Learn more about the skill gap (by conducting a training needs analysis) and the workers (by conducting a learner analysis) so you can design and develop the best training possible.

You can't create effective training without doing this first. Be sure to do your homework and get these important answers before you rush into creating new manufacturing training materials.

Read more about identifying skill gaps here.

3. Create learning objectives and assessments for your training

Learning objectives are the road map for your training. Get those right and everything else, including the assessments for workers, will fall into place more readily. They help you determine what your training should be about and keep you on track while creating the training and the assessments.

Read more about learning objectives, and get a free downloadable Guide to Writing Learning Objectives, here.

4. Create the manufacturing training materials

Now's the time to take what you've already done and use it to create your training materials.

We'll give you the best practices here, including active learning and adult learning principles.

You'll want to remember to use a variety of different training delivery methods (media), including instructor-led training, field-based training, eLearning, video-based training, written materials, and more. Read more about blended learning for manufacturing training here.

5. Evaluate and revise your manufacturing training materials

Once workers have completed the training, you'll want to evaluate the training to see if it's been effective. If not, revise the training as part of a continuous improvement process.

Read more about evaluating the effectiveness of training materials here.

Conclusion: Free Guide to Manufacturing Training that Works

Follow the five steps above, which we've explained in much more detail in the free manufacturing training guide below, and you'll be well on your way to more effective manufacturing training at your workplace.

For even more information, check our blog for additional tips on effective manufacturing training, and feel free to check out the two following articles free and recorded webinars:

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