Electrical-General Requirements Glossary (1910.303)


Ever wonder about the terms that OSHA defines in its Electrical-General Requirements standard (1910.303)?

If so, we’ve got just the cure for that fever: an online, interactive glossary of the terms that OSHA defines.

It’s right below the MORE button. Click and enjoy.

There’s the glossary below. Check it out now, and feel free to come back any time you wish. Also, notice we’ve got some more materials related to electrical safety and workplace safety below the glossary.


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A few important notes: The terms and definitions were taken directly from the text of the standard as printed on OSHA’s website in October, 2012. Convergence Training makes no claims regarding the accuracy of those definitions nor to keep this glossary up to date to match any changes OSHA makes after the date of this posting.

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