Exceed Clery Act and Title IX Mandates

Exceed Clery Act and Title IX Mandates

New Title IX and Clery Act regulations are in effect as of August 14th, and teams are busy reviewing their policies and procedures to make sure their programs aren’t going to put that institution at risk.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of key requirements from both the Clery Act and Title IX so that you can review your current practices and ensure your institution meets and exceeds compliance.

Download Our White Paper to Learn How To:

  • Build a strong understanding of the new campus-wide mandates required under the Clery Act and Title IX regulations
  • Follow best practices for how to meet and exceed the new Title IX and Clery regulations on campus
  • Effectively impact the attitudes and behaviors on your campus
  • Increase empowerment for victims while reducing risk

As an added bonus we will provide an actionable checklist for the 6 elements you should focus on to maintain compliance.

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