White Paper: Why Proper Equipment Checks Make Sense for Fire Agencies

A White Paper for the Fire Service

When it comes to daily and weekly apparatus and equipment checks, documentation, and communication, fire departments face personal and financial risks. For each item to be checked, there must be concise documentation stating what was checked, when it was checked, by whom it was checked, and what that check revealed. This documentation will be worth its weight in gold if something fails. Read this white paper to learn how your department can ensure that routine checks are done right and properly documented.

Simplify Routine Maintenance Inspections and Track Everything with Vector Solutions

Apparatus Checks: Use your mobile phone or tablet to perform apparatus checks and routine maintenance inspections. Streamline everything with 21st-century technology.

Maintenance Tracking: Have instantaneous access to information on which equipment is out of service. Stay informed of your equipment’s repair costs and repair stage.

Controlled Substances: From the moment a controlled substance is acquired, to when it is administered or wasted, it can now be tracked cradle-to-grave.

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