HOP, Safety Differently, Safety-II, HPI, Resilience Engineering & More: What Are They?


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Have you heard of things like Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), Safety Differently, Safety-II, New Safety, the "New View" of Safety, Resilience Engineer, and Human Performance Improvement (HPI) and wondered what they're all about? Ever wanted to learn more? Even wanted tips from the people who really know? Ever wanted some guidance on how to begin implementing it at your own workplace?

If so, we think you'll find this guide helpful, insightful, practical, and even a little fun to read (plus don't forget our 5 Principles of HOP infographic.)

We asked some of the leading experts in the world to help introduce "new safety" to you in this guide (note that we're using "new safety" simply as a catch-all term to include all the different terms--HOP, Safety Differently, etc.--that we listed above) and we're very thankful that so many chose to share their experience and knowledge with us (thanks to all the contributors!).

We asked each of the contributors to answer the following questions:

How would you define “new safety?”

What’s the most important thing a safety professional should know about new safety?

How would you recommend a safety professional begin implementing new safety?

What resources do you recommend people check out to learn more about new safety?

The contributors include, in alphabetical order:

Martha Acosta, Nippin Anand, Andrea Baker, Andrew Barrett, Carsten Busch, Eric Buschard, Rosa Antonia Carillo, Tristan Casey, Bob Edwards, Joe Estey, Ron Gantt, Sam Goodman, Tanya Hewitt, Daniel Hummerdal, Adam Johns, Clive Lloyd, Gareth Lock, Jeff Lyth, Charles Major, James McPherson, Michael Phillips, Ivann Pupulidy, Becky Ray, Steven Shorrock, Brent Sutton, Pam Walaski, Sean Walker, Gary Wong, and Marc Yeston (once again, thanks to all of them!). 

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We think you'll find this guide insightful. Download it now and come back to let us know what you think!

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