Live from THRIVE 2016: Positioning for Change, Growth in the AEC Industry

Becoming a forward-thinking organization isn’t easy. Most companies get so caught up in their day-to-day projects that they struggle to look ahead. At this week’s #THRIVE2016 conference, which is hosted by Professional Services Management Journal (PSMJ), a leading advisor on architecture and engineering business management, the focus is on what must be done by AEC leadership to get ahead of changing technology, trends and other transitions.

Motivating the next generation of engineers

RedVector has been on hand at #PSMJTHRIVE this week, networking, learning and taking in information on some of the following hot topics:

• Latest Data And Thinking On A/E/C Market Conditions: What You Need To Be Doing Now To Position For Constant Change And To Capitalize On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

• A Brave New World: Who Will Survive and Who Will Thrive When Technology Reshapes the A/E/C Industry?

• Developing Leaders Within Your Organization: A Strategic Approach

• Tackling Your Transition in the Face of a Millennial Leader

• 10 Practices That Are Killing Your Project Profitability

The THRIVE conference has been especially focused on visionaries and emerging strategies in the #AEC sector and how to prepare a young workforce for the future. Millennials have long been a hot-button topic in human resources circles. This demographic is technologically-savvy and willing to adapt and learn new things, which makes them well-suited for online training. A recent PSMJ Resources report explained that architecture, engineering and construction firms are poised for job growth, and firms will need to look to train millennials to fill these rolls.


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