Vector EHS Management
for Power Companies

Discover a more effective way for energy safety professionals to build an effective safety culture and uncover the reasons why dangerous acts and incidents occur.

Using Vector EHS safety management software, energy companies are able to involve all workers in improving workplace safety, uncover the reasons why dangerous acts and incidents occur, and gain insights that improve operations.




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Saves Time

Modernize your EHS program to make safety tasks simpler and quicker to complete.

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Improves Safety

Identify improvement areas, implement corrective actions, and easily track progress.

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Easy Reporting

Easy-to-analyze custom reports help upper management understand the status of EHS.

Energy EHS Software Features

Our energy safety management software makes it easy for energy crews to involve all workers in improving workplace safety and implement changes that improve operations.

Easy Incident Tracking and Investigation for Utilities

The Vector EHS Incident module allows energy EHS professionals to perform detailed incident investigations, trend incident data, and easily achieve compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements and other federal regulations.

Energy crews can even use the Vector EHS Management mobile app to report incidents from your mobile device with or without internet connection.

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EHS Inspections App (Rebrand)

Mobile Energy EHS Software
Anytime, Anywhere

Our safety inspection app enables you to complete inspections faster than with paper by using your mobile device even when offline, making it perfect for field and site inspections.

The app also works with the Behavior Based Safety Observations module, which allows energy crews to record counts of safe and unsafe behavior and actions in the workplace.

Analyze Safety Data to
Reduce Risk for Utility Crews

Create custom dashboards and reports to rack key safety metrics from the entire EHS department in real-time.

Include the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module to create job safety analyses and calculate the risk of any task or job.

These modules together in one system make informed business decisions with upper management and set appropriate controls to reduce hazards faced by energy crews.

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Complete Your Energy EHS Program with Vector LMS

Vector EHS Management integrates with Vector LMS to track, schedule and deliver your entire utilities training program. Use any of our online training content libraries or upload your own custom courses for an all-in-one training management system.

Connect your training data with safety data to see where to close gaps and prevent incidents.

More Solutions for Utilities

The following solutions complement our EHS management software and can help make your organization an even safer, more effective place to work.


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Featured Customers

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What Our Customers Say

"We are very excited about the product and certain that it will help us on our quest to achieve zero injuries at OPPD."

Traci Schuette

Learning Management Services Coordinator, Omaha Public Power District

"With [Vector EHS Management] we make sure no part of our safety program is overlooked, whether it's notifying potential hazards or scheduling regular inspections."

Shad Stuheit

Safety Specialist, Lincoln Electric System

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