Vector LiveSafe for Higher Education

The Vector LiveSafe mobile app contains features such as anonymous tip reporting for colleges and serves as a college emergency alert system.

Powerful Safety Tools for Campus Members via Mobile App

  • Tip Reporting - Users can quickly submit tips (text, photo, or video), through the app anonymously or not, which are then routed to the designated campus official.
  • Two-Way Messaging - Users can communicate with campus officials through two-way messaging.
  • Emergency Notification - Users can contact or notify public safety or local emergency services with a few clicks, which includes live location tracking and discreet messaging for additional intel.
  • SafeWalk and SafeDrive - Users can connect with family, friends, or colleagues as they travel throughout campus or the surrounding community to make sure they make it to their final destination, which includes live location tracking and emergency services.
  • Safety Resources - Users can easily pull up a campus or community map, search points of contact, or review campus-specific resources.

Real-Time Campus Visibility via Command Dashboard

  • Broadcast Messaging - Deploy messages to your campus through push notifications, SMS, or email. And, customize messages based on geolocation, geofencing, organizational structures, timing, and more.
  • Campus / Community Map - Analyze emerging threats on campus as they come in through use of our real-time map, which identifies reported tips and safety assets nearby.
  • Check-In - Engage your community during an emergency, to request additional information after an incident, or at your convenience by requiring their input through broadcast messaging.
  • Tip Management - Manage inbound tips based upon pre-determined classifications, so that tips can be routed, managed, and investigated by those who can take quick action.
  • Real-Time Analytics - Review inbound data and response time through comprehensive analytics that can be exported into reports.

Analyze Risk Trends via Insights

  • Campus Risk Profile - Detect emerging threats on campus via our risk matrix feature, which analyzes inbound tips and classifies them based on your classifications.
  • Campus Operations Report - Analyze how your institution is succeeding and where you need to improve by receiving actionable information via platform data and tailored reports to your inbox.
  • National Benchmarking - Understand how your institution is performing compared to others across the country.
Security guards watching monitors in control room

Integrate with Other Campus Technology

  • LiveSafe Mobile SDK - Integrate your Vector LiveSafe instance with your current campus mobile application, so that you can use the tools that have already been adopted by your campus community.
  • LiveSafe Workday Connector - Integrate your Vector LiveSafe instance with your WorkDay technology. As a "WorkDay Certified Solution," we can get you implemented in no time.
  • Webhooks -Transmit reports automatically to any internal applications through Vector LiveSafe, which supports PSIM, CAD, and incident management systems.
  • User Management Solutions - Integrate with identify management, AD, and AR systems.
  • RSS Feed - Transmit rich content through RSS feeds, which can help increase messaging redundancy when it is needed most.