Vector LiveSafe Insights

Leverage your LiveSafe data to surface actionable trends and early warning indicators with our AI-powered analytics

The Insights Product is a best-in-class tool that enables your organization to analyze all aspects of its Vector LiveSafe deployment and construct a unique risk profile to surface actionable trends and early warning indicators. Vector LiveSafe Insights delivers the intelligence you need to better leverage community-sourced threat detection to solve your most daunting safety challenges.



LiveSafe Insights
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Detect Emerging Risk Trends

Analyze all inbound tips and get alerts for trending, high severity tip types so you can stay ahead of the game

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Improve Your Prevention Strategy

Understand your improvement points with AI-powered analytics and actionable information delivered right to you

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Benchmark & Improve Performance

Compare your usage to other organizations to understand the risks and trends in your community and enable an improvement plan

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Vector LiveSafe Insights

Vector LiveSafe Insights helps security teams analyze the whole of their crowd-sourced risk intelligence to better prevent and manage trending threats within their organizations. This is done by algorithmically analyzing inbound tips submitted to the Vector LiveSafe dashboard, classifying and scoring tips on a variety of dimensions, and then constructing a Risk Profile for the organization.

This shows topics that are trending up in frequency and severity, newly detected threats that may need to preemptively be addressed, and shifting priorities.

Custom Risk Profile

Detect trending threats using our risk matrix

  • Use natural language processing to analyze all inbound tips
  • Get alerts for trending, high severity tip types
  • Go beyond just high-level categories for more granular classifications
  • Compare your risk matrix over time or against peers

Operations Reporting

Improve your performance over time

  • Scans your data to find actionable information to surface to you
  • Get tailored reporting delivered to your inbox
  • Understand how your organization is succeeding and how you can improve

Benchmark Your Performance

Understand how others are doing

  • Analyze your organization relative to others of similar size, usage, and deployment type
  • Compare your usage to peers’ to understand the risks and trends in your community
  • Measure different dimensions of usage like broadcasts, tip submission, and SafeWalks

Vector LiveSafe Overview

Vector LiveSafe is compromised of several advanced features that make it easy to manage your organization's security and risk.

Vector LiveSafe Mobile App

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Vector LiveSafe Connect

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Vector LiveSafe Technical Overview

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Vector LiveSafe Dashboard

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Vector LiveSafe Insights Overview

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