Vector WorkSafe

Return to work during COVID-19 and keep your workplace safe with Vector WorkSafe.

Built upon the Vector LiveSafe enterprise risk intelligence and safety communications platform, our Vector WorkSafe back-to-work options and packages enable organizations to detect potential COVID-19 infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.



Vector WorkSafe
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Protect Your Team

Employees check in with their health status before they come to work via an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant app

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Instill Confidence

Reassure your employees and customers that your workplace is a safe and healthy place to be

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Improve Engagement

Easily communicate with your team via pre-made templates and QR codes for employee sign up and broadcast capabilities

Return to Work Safely

Getting employees back to the workplace and students back on campus safely requires mobile health screening capabilities, reliable and effective two-way safety communications, and the ability to provide resources in response to rapidly changing health conditions, guidance, and regulations. Vector WorkSafe makes it possible for companies to welcome their employees back to work with the knowledge and confidence that they are healthy and protected.

daily health verification

Daily Health Verification

Options for daily health verification include a broadcast health check-in for one-touch verification or a HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 health survey. Both can be used to help facilitate entry into the workplace. Results of the COVID-19 check-in and survey are date and time stamped, and clearly displayed on the mobile device.

Two-Way Communication with Employees

Give your employees a secure, private way to ask COVID-19 questions and provide them resources. Employees can use the mobile app to submit their COVID-19 questions and concerns, anonymously if they prefer.

two-way communication

One-Touch Access to Resources

Issue timely, relevant guidance to reduce anxiety and create a caring culture. Employees can quickly access resources in response to rapidly changing health conditions, guidance, and regulations, directly from the CDC website.

Vector LiveSafe Overview

Vector LiveSafe is compromised of several advanced features that make it easy to manage your organization's security and risk.

Vector LiveSafe Connect

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Vector LiveSafe Dashboard

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Vector LiveSafe Insights

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What Our Customers Say

“Given the various industries and businesses we serve, we are an essential manufacturing plant. It is critical and imperative that we keep our employees healthy and COVID free so that we can keep manufacturing. The [Vector WorkSafe] app provided us with another tool that helped us prevent the spread of the coronavirus throughout our organization.”

Herm Ilag

Vice President of HR, Manufacturing and Safety, RDI Medical

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