Community Resources

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Explore a virtual collection of shared training resources curated by agencies from across the country. 

Community Resources Benefits

Like a powerful search engine for first responders, departments can access Community Resources in the Vector LMS to find and share helpful documents, videos and more.



Improve Performance

Import Activities

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Exchange Lessons

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Share Policies

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Engage Staff

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Product Overview

Share Training Resources

Community Resources enables your department to exchange lessons with departments across the country and enhance your training programs. Access thousands of relevant topics ranging from PPE to stress management, to cancer prevention for the fire service.


Create Impactful Training Activities

Easily download, modify, and assign shared resources to import into your files and create custom activities for employees. The shared resource library supports a plethora of different file types such as videos, webinars, files, docs, presentations and links.

Help Other Organizations

Highlight important or useful resources with the Community Resources rating system. By rating resources, you can help other community members discover impactful content or even highlight a resource as Resource of the Month.


Skeptics are afraid that online training is trying to take the place of practical training. However, it actually enhances our training program and allows more free time for hands-on training activities.

Philip Drangula, Lieutenant in Training & Special Operations

Cinnaminson Fire Department (NJ)